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MARCH 10, 2021


The Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast

Empowering the growth of freelancers, our mission is to provide a resource that bridges the gap between creativity and success. Interviewing thought leaders from all aspects of the film industry, we gain unique perspectives on growing a business and creating a life of freedom.


Josh Emerick

This is a tool filmmakers needed

I'm so happy to find a community like this. As a filmmaker who scratched and clawed to build my creative skillset and ignored the business side for far too long, it's awesome to see people digging into stories that both inspire and educate.


I've loved the stories and perspectives I heard so far. It's reminded me to embrace my unique spirit, but that we all have our own struggles we face. This podcast is for any creative, but if say the best person for this to reach is the person who's so focused on HOW creative they want to be and helping them shift gears to focusing a bit more on their business.


Much love for this!

Tim Zittle

Top quality listen!

This community is doing big things in the world. They have an amazing balance between relatable conversation and dropping massive truth bombs. 


If you’re looking to 10X your impact in your field and get connected with others doing the same- this is going to need to become a regular part of your brain food.

Heather Parady

These guys are so much fun!

Real, honest, AND entertaining. Whether you are a filmmaker or not there is so much value in these conversations about taking not only your business but you LIFE to the next level.


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