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Turn Your Filmmaking

Into a 6-Figure Business

It’s my belief that the people you surround yourself with determine your ability to achieve your goals. I invite you to join a group of ambitious filmmakers who are taking control of their life and business.


"I learned multiple valuable lessons that I now bring with me to every client that I work with. These guys shared a variety of information with me, from how to price my products, to how to properly communicate with a client, and even a few tips and tricks on how to make the process more enjoyable for everyone involved. If it weren't for these lessons, I don't think my business would've gotten that extra step ahead of my competition!" 

Alex Boydston

My Goal Is To Empower Filmmakers
To Grow Through Community.

Filmmaking can be an isolating experience. Many of us go through the pains of growing a business without a support structure that helps us celebrate our wins, mourn our losses, and uplift us to the next level as filmmakers and entrepreneurs.


My mission with this coaching program is to create a community of empowered filmmakers that can share in these experiences, push each other to grow, and develop the tools and techniques to make money doing what we love while living a life of fulfillment.

Gain access to:
  • Experienced filmmakers to guide you on your journey to 6-Figures which means no more going it alone.

  • A bi-weekly group video call providing business tips, sales strategies, and a live Q&A to answer your specific questions which means your business stops dying and starts growing.

  • Access to my personal monthly group coaching call to keep you on track toward reaching your goals and growing your business.

  • Access to the global TVC Coaching Program FB Group

  • The 6 Figure Video Business Course

  • An 8-Week Course walking you through how to build and sustain a 6-Figure Video Business which means you'll live life on your terms making money doing what you love.

  • Proven step-by-step templates so you can take immediate action which means no more laying awake at night stressing about where you're going to find your next project.

  • Daily assignments to build positive habits which means you'll stop wasting time struggling to find and retain clients. 


  • Coaching Program starts at $497/month...


Note: Success does not happen overnight, and neither does growing a 6-Figure business. In my experience it takes continuous effort to see sustainable growth in your business. With this in mind I have designed the program with a minimum commitment of 6-months.

Ready To Take The Next Step In Your Video Business?
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About Your Coach

Mark believes in bringing brands to life through visual content as a filmmaker. After working with hundreds of brands over the past decade including Krispy Kreme, GNC, Kroger, and Ameriprise it’s his belief that all great stories begin and end with purpose and passion. His work currently consists of consulting with brands as well as coaching other filmmakers through The Video Community.